About Us

A brief introduction of Dajia Elementary School

As the Keelung River was made to change its course, the inhabitants living near Dajia Elementary School declined markedly and the number of students also declined.

Afterwards, with the increase of students coming from other districts of Taipei﹝Pronounced Tie-bay﹞ City and the parent’s support for the school, the number of students has begun to increase again since 1995.

On the other hand, the whole-hearted dedication of the teachers and employees has won the admiration of parents. Currently, in the elementary school section, there are 45 teachers and employees, twelve classes with 248 students. In the kindergarten section, there are two classes with 57 students.

The educational goal of Municipal Dajia Elementary School:

The employees and teachers of Dajia Elementary School consider the heart education as the center of education. In addition, the objective of the education is to implement normal education and educate morally noble, physically fit students.

To attain this goal, Dajia Elementary School not only implements open education, but also plans various academic and physical activities to help students develop themselves.

The characteristics of Municipal Dajia Elementary School

  • Educating in daily lives: Students should be educated to solve problems in their daily lives. Therefore, Dajia Elementary School tries to teach students necessary skills for their daily lives and intends to foster law-abiding and gregarious habits.

    Especially, Dajia Elementary School also emphasizes educating in daily lives and demands that students memorize ancient Chinese articles with the purpose of helping students understand human relations, philial piety and the importance of becoming good citizens for our country.

  • Educating local information: Dajia Elementary School uses textbooks approved by the Educational Ministry and tries to educate students the knowledge of community culture and information on flowers, trees and especially medicinal herbs which are close to people.

    Also, Dajia Elementary School has compiled a database of herbal plants and has begun their education.

    For people who are interested in herbal plants, herbal plants’ related information is accessible on the school’s website for their reference.

  • Animating the teaching: Dajia Elementary School tries to incorporate interactive teaching into every class to encourage teachers to use as many channels of teaching as possible, and to make teaching more lively to raise student’s interest in learning and the effectiveness in teaching.
  • Automation on learning: Dajia Elementary School uses corners of the school for students and teachers to plan their learning places and enable students to learn automatically. Besides, to get a deeper understanding of these plants, Dajia Elementary School also let students take care of plants within the school and instruct them to collect information related to the growth of these plants.
  • Taipei City’s students are often considered as physically weak. To improve students’ physical fitness, Dajia Elementary School uses the space within the school and the riverbank of Keelung River to reinforce students’ physical training and encourage students to do physical exercises.
  • Making the school a park: Dajia Elementary School purchased recreational facilities and planted a considerable number of plants and flowers to make the school a beautiful and an enjoyable park to everyone.
  • Making the garden an orchard: Dajia Elementary School plants fruit-bearing trees like bananas, pineapples and tangerines to help students see the growth process of these fruit trees with the purpose of enhancing their science knowledge.
  • Internationalization of languages: Responding to the the needs of parents, English-teaching is implemented first grade to sixth grade.

In addition, every Wednesday is set as “English Day” to help students use English frequently. Many names of daily items and body parts are taught with the hope of enhancing students’ language abilities. “English Day” fully meet the needs of parents.

Located between the Keelung Riverbank and the Chungshan Highway, Dajia Elementary School is a simple and isolated small society.

A visitor can find in Dajia Elementary School the activities of students, teachers, employees, and a variety of birds. In Dajia Elementary School, a visitor can also hear the reading and singing of the students and notice the singing of birds and the fragrance of flowers. Dajia Elementary School can be said as one of the few heavens left in Taipei City.

In this tranquil surroundings away from downtown Taipei, all of Dajia Elementary School’s parents, teachers and employees educate the students with their utmost patience and their belief in treating every student equally.

In Dajia Elementary School, students are instilled with the ideas of knowing themselves, knowing other people, caring about their neighborhood, cherishing what they have, learning actively, developing their potential , strengthening their physical fitness and making themselves law-abiding citizens with the hope of fulfilling the students’ ideals and enabling them to make the most contributions to our country and the entire human society.